TellTheBell Survey is the official customer satisfaction survey also reg=cognized by the name Taco Bell at the official site where clients can give their honest feedback. There is a unique opportunity to participate in the Tell The Bell Customer Survey and win $ 500 now.

Taco Bell has decided officially to conduct a completely transparent client feedback survey to get to know the clients along with their requirements while they visit any Taco Bell eatery house. All the clients can provide their candid feedback to Taco Bell with an official survey.

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Taco Bell is among the most agile growing & innovative businesses in the food industry. It is an American fast-food chain but has branches across the globe. To keep the business high, Taco Bell is conducting a TellTheBell Survey to give the best experience to clients at their eateries.

This online survey is known as the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey or TellTheBell Survey. In this article, there are all the particulars about this Tell The Bell Survey through which you can get all the details easily.

Procedure For Taking TellTheBell Survey

Here are the detailed step-by-step directions for your assistance to take the Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey all online.

Before proceeding to take the survey, you must purchase from any nearest Taco Bell restaurant and get a receipt as proof. The receipt contains the survey code with which you can easily complete the survey.

  • To access this official Tell The Bell Survey, visit the site at
  • Next, enter the 16-digit survey code that you will get from the receipt.
  • Click Start to begin this customer survey.
  • If your receipt does not include a 16-digit Taco Bell survey code, you must enter the 6-digit store number.
  • Next, you will be asked about the quality of the food, the taste, and spiciness of the food, and other factors such as the hygiene & cleanliness at the eatery.
  • Answer all of these questionnaires honestly in the relevant sections.
  • After answering the questions, you will be asked whether or not they wish to participate in the monthly drawing where you have to choose the preferred option. Click Next.
  • If you would like to enter the TellTheBell Survey drawing, you have to give details like your name, contact number, email address, and address.
  • After completing the TellTheBell customer feedback survey, a thank you page will appear confirming drawing entry for a chance to win an unbelievable $ 500 cash prize.

Taco Bell customers can also enter the survey by email or by phone. Simply call the toll-free number mentioned on your Taco Bell receipt. For more details on the TellTheBell Survey, you must check out this complete article for all the details.

Taco Bell Official TellTheBell Customer Survey

TellTheBell is an official online customer feedback survey and gift program authorized by the Taco Bell restaurant corporation to obtain customer feedback on Taco Bell’s service. The survey is particularly accessible at the official site

To improve the eatery house services along with the improvements as per the customer needs, Taco Bell is conducting this survey. Tell The Bell Customer Survey is internationally recognized as one of the well-drafted customer feedback surveys launched by Taco Bell officials.

The main reason for this is above all to know the opinions of clients about the products & services and for achieving a high level of client satisfaction. This is an online login survey platform where you have to give data about 16 digit survey code/receipt number, date, & time printed on the receipt.

This all data is essential to start the Tell The Bell Survey. Once you complete the Tell The Bell Customer Survey, you have a great chance to win a cash prize of $ 500. Taco Bell requests clients to complete a customer satisfaction survey to find out what they desire in the eatery house experience.

On an additional note, you must enter the survey code without fail to get all the accessible rewards. TellTheBell is Taco Bell’s customer survey with $500 worth of rewards at the official site where you have to answer the survey.

For the Tell The Bell Survey, you can also take this online survey without making any acquisitions. You just have to enter the details like name, address, state, birth date, zip code, or email. You must indicate details on the 3 * 5 sheet specifically.

Tell The Bell Survey Key Points

These are the central items or factors that TelltheBell’s quest will fundamentally focus on in the survey. All the questions in the Customer Survey are associated with the factors defined hereby.

If you are taking the TellTheBell Survey, you must check out the key points stated hereby.

  • Taste, quality, & portions of food.
  • Team administration
  • Hygiene of the eatery and its facilities
  • Restaurant locations
  • Eatery house order accuracy
  • Overall satisfaction from the recent visit

Are There Any TellTheBell Survey Rewards?

One of the best eateries, Taco Bell has rolled out an official online survey as Tell The Bell Survey at Once you complete the Tell The Bell Survey, there are several rewards waiting for you at the official portal.

If you’ve previously done surveys like this for other organizations, you probably know about the surveys and the rewards that you can avail of. Most organizations do not reward their clients for their honest opinion but Taco Bell prominently does at TellTheBell Survey.

Taco Bell is one of those corporations that values ​​its clients and their time for taking the survey. If you select to participate in the Taco Bell survey, you will get free access to the contest & drawings at the official Tell The Bell Survey portal.

The features are accessible on the survey portal and you can even avail of several offers on your next order at Taco Bell. A lottery will be contained for this eatery house and one lucky client will be announced as the winner of the TellTheBell Survey with a specific cash prize worth $ 500.

To get this reward, the client will be notified within 2 or 3 days after the declaration via the email address you gave during the survey. Once you get the correspondence, you will be required to come to their office with authentic documents linked to the age & proof of address.

After showing the documents, you will get a check for $ 500. TellTheBell is the official Taco Bell’s feedback forum where they give their clients the official portal to share their real feedback with the corporation.

The distinctiveness of this client feedback survey is that it gives participants the chance to win a check along with discounted vouchers & coupons. Winners will be randomly chosen from a lottery and informed by email and the contact number.

TellTheBell Survey Specifications

There is a traditional method of taking the Customer Survey with the purchase receipt. The second method is through the eatery house details.

Either way, you can utilize this method for taking the Tell The Bell Survey officially. After swapping the Customer Survey receipt, you can now take the survey online easily.

After completing the Tell The Bell Customer Survey, you will get the survey code with which you can take benefit of a Taco-free offer. All the survey participants will see that the survey code is actually the survey invitation code for this customer feedback survey.

Furthermore, there are also drink & dessert alternatives along with several dishes suitable for you to enjoy your eatery house experience. If you have enjoyed the eatery house recently, you can take the online survey with the receipt you got at the billing counter.

Official SurveyTellTheBell
Administered ByTaco Bell
SurveyCustomer Feedback Survey
PrizesWin $500

TellTheBell Survey Questionnaires

In the Tell The Bell Survey questionnaire, clients are asked to submit their genuine views about their last visit to the Taco Bell eatery along with the experience they had about food, staff, and the relevant factors.

Well, all genuine reviews in this online Tell The Bell Survey will notably help Taco Bell eatery for improving its vulnerabilities. All questionnaires in the Taco Bell Customer Survey or popularly known as TellTheBell Questionnaire officially relate to the survey participant’s most recent visit.

When answering these survey questions on the TellTheBell questionnaire section, clients are requested to provide their personal details like the name, contact number, email address, and home address for the authenticity of the survey participant as one client can take the survey for once.

After entering all the details, the Tell The Bell Survey participant gets an official entry to the TellTheBell sweepstakes, where they have a great chance to win a $ 500 Taco Bell reward as a thank you for genuine feedback.

Regarding the areas and factors at the eatery house, below are the most basic questionnaires that you can expect at the official Customer Survey. Check out some of the survey questions below that you may have to answer at the official survey.

  • Does the food served to you meet your expectations?
  • Evaluate the quality of the food that you enjoyed or disliked?
  • Do you like the way the staff served the food?
  • How do you rate the service provided by the eatery staff?
  • Was the Taco Bell staff friendly?
  • Was the eatery clean and sanitary during your visit?

Rules & Regulations For Tell The Bell Survey

There are several criteria in the format of regulations to acknowledge by you for participating in the Customer Survey. If you need to increase your winning chances at the official Tell The Bell Customer Survey, you must enroll according to these rules:-

  • The survey participant must be at least 18 years old.
  • It would be better to get the most recent receipt.
  • You will find a 16-digit code on the Taco Bell receipt which is unique to everyone.
  • If you didn’t get the bill, you may be covered in the survey. All you have to do is state the date, eatery location, & time of the visit.
  • You must understand the language either English or Spanish to take the survey online.
  • If you meet the above criteria, take the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey as it would take no more than 2 minutes for you to have a chance to win $500.

About The Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a fast-food chain founded in 1962 in the USA by Glen Bell in California. Taco Bell has over 350 franchises that operate more than 7,000 eateries serving more than 40 million clients in the United States every week.

Globally, the brand is growing rapidly with around 500 eateries in around 30 nations across the globe. The eatery specializes in Tex-Mex cuisine with tacos as the principal attraction, as the name clearly indicates delicious aspects of the dish.

Taco Bell serves over 2 billion clients in one year. And therefore, the eatery house chain comes up with the TellTheBell Survey to get the most genuine client feedback. If you are looking for winning a $500 cash prize, take the survey now.


To encourage its clients to participate in the customer feedback survey, Taco Bell offers all its eatery house customers lucrative prizes at the TellTheBell Survey portal. After completing this online survey, you can enter the drawing to win several listed Taco Bell Survey prizes and rewards.

If you follow this particular guide, you are sure to have a great and unique chance to win $ 500 from Taco Bell by completing the Customer Survey as per the steps mentioned. This online survey can be completed within 2 minutes and at last, you can even get a validation code.

The Taco Bell official TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey also provides you the astounding chance to win other extraordinary prizes. Customer feedback data is much crucial for Taco Bell, which is why this feedback survey is rolled out for the clients to participate online.

Taco Bell is one of the preeminent fast-food chains in the USA, famous for its tasty tacos, which began in Mexico. TellTheBell Survey always gets positive & negative feedback in the form of client voices, reviews, experiences, suggestions and thus improves the business with satisfied customers.

Survey participants must note that they will need the receipt for taking this client feedback survey. Taco Bell survey winners get profitable rewards for giving feedback that assists the eatery to improve the services from now on.

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