Privacy Attributes

The Taco Team of the TellTheBell Customer Survey Assist team regards the trust & safety of all visitors to the official site. The team is behind protecting all participant’s personal & non-personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act necessary for proper operation of the site.

It is officially anchored, the way the personal data is utilized & shared is essential to you, and that you trust us to handle it with utmost care. TellTheBell’s goal in handling non-personally identifiable details is to know how visitors to Taco Bell take the survey.

Taco Bell may reveal personal data at conventional intervals, for instance, by organizing a report on the website usage trends. Taco Bell particularly shares the IP addresses of survey participants and commenters in the same features that it prefers & shares personal details at the portal.

Aggregate statistics – Taco Bell may gather statistics on the usage of the survey website visitors. Taco Bell with its official TellTheBell Survey portal may display or share gathered data for business purposes only. Taco Bell does not share any data unofficially.

Changes to the privacy policy – While most variations are minor, Taco Bell may modify its official privacy policy from time to time without any notification at its sole concern.

Taco Bell encourages visitors to visit the portal regularly for alterations to the TellTheBell privacy policy. If you continue to prefer the TellTheBell Survey portal after changing policy, this data protection declaration must be acknowledged by every survey participant.

We may modify the TellTheBell data protection notices at frequent intervals. We will keep you notified of meaningful changes to the Tell The Bell Survey legal guidelines.

Taco Bell for its official TellTheBell Survey has a website as an online portal to help solve all the queries of survey participants. You can communicate by telephone and web.