Rewards & Winners

After completing the Taco Bell official TellTheBell Survey, you will be liable for all the officially-stated survey prizes that can even get you a $500 cash prize.

If you win at the Tell The Bell Survey, the Taco Bell management team will reach out to you for further acknowledgment. Here are the relevant details about the same.

  • You will get an email at their enrolled email address.
  • You can even get a call if you have given your phone number.
  • You can even receive the prize money in your mail.
  • You can check the updated Tellthebell winners’ details at

TellTheBell Survey Rewards

To get rewarded at the Tell The Bell Survey for a $ 500 prize, you must take the survey with complete authenticity. Also, you must have valid proof of acquisition from the recent visit to Taco Bell restaurant. Even consider giving honest feedback at the survey platform.

You must remember your most recent visit to the Taco Bell restaurant for giving genuine feedback and having great chances of winning more. You can even state your personal details like the name, email address, contact number, and permanent address for authenticity.

This is how you can effortlessly complete the TellTheBell Survey as the official Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey at Thousands of people enter the Taco Bell survey every day for sharing their thoughts and feedback along with receiving rewards.

For this well-established fast-food chain, customer satisfaction and feedback play a much vital role in the growth of the business. The process of survey, providing honest & comprehensive feedback helps Taco Bell track its products, services, and even performance.

Through TellTheBell Survey, Taco Bell intends to keep its competition in check and even wants to explore the potential for every way of eatery house improvement. Therefore, if you have visited the Taco Bell eatery recently, do take the survey and have a great chance to win $500.