Portal Questions

Here are the TellTheBell Survey questions that you have to answer at www.tellthebell.com.

All the TellTheBell Survey participants have to provide unbiased answers to the questions and try to give the best possible feedback at the Tell The Bell Survey.

You can take the survey only at www.tellthebell.com.

Survey Question 1

Give answer to the first question about the food is:- “Rate overall satisfaction with the experience with Taco food.”
You have the option to choose the experience level.
Choose your option and click the Next tab to answer the next question.

Survey Question 2

The second survey question would be on the type of order, & options such as on-site dining, self-service, & take-out services from Taco Bell.
Choose your preferred answer and click on the Next tab for the preceding question.

Survey Question 3

The third question is to rate the satisfaction with the staff.
A full overview of this question is required.
Rate the food and click on the Next tab.

Survey Question 4

The next TellTheBell Survey question is “Are you having difficulty visiting the eatery”?
If you have any similar issues, you can click Yes; Not otherwise.
Now click Next to get to the next survey question.

Survey Question 5

Taco Bell will now request you to write down in few sentences to enhance the service offered. It is your wish to state the details hereby.

They ask you for sharing all your experiences in few lines and click Next for the next question.

Survey Question 6

The next TellTheBell Survey question will be “have you bought a hard putter”?
If you are purchasing Hard Sheel Taco, select Yes; otherwise, tick the No tab.

Click on the Next tab to get to the last question.

Survey Question 7

This is a very important step for the TellTheBell Survey.

Here, if you are a legal resident of the USA and are 18 years or older, you have to select the option from ‘If you want to participant in the survey drawing’?

Pick the Yes option & click Next.